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What should children pay attention to when playing on the swing?

Playing on the swing is an exercise that almost every child likes. I am not a child anymore, but I still like to play on the swing in the park for half an hour every day. When I am on the swing, there will be many children around. Playing on the swing, some young children are tossing and turning on the swing, which makes me tremble, and the children are not happy in this kind of stimulation. Not long ago, when a little girl and her mother were shopping in the mall, they played alone on the side of the swing, and ended up being rolled into the bottom of the swing. Under the effect of the swing, the child's entire upper body was twisted and fractured.


In recent years, there have been many news reports about the dangers of children playing on the swings, so parents must be vigilant when children play on the swings, and beware of threats to their children's health and life. So, what should children pay attention to when they play on the swing? How on earth can children swing safely? This guide has some scientifically sound advice, check it out!


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  1. Adults should never leave the child's sight

 yard swing


When the child is on the swing, parents must not leave the child alone to play with their own, such as the girl I mentioned at the beginning, she went shopping together with her mother and aunt, but her mother and aunt Wandering around and leaving the kids alone to play on the swing turns out to be an accident. The swing is not a plasticine.

As long as the child does not eat it, there is no danger. The swing is active, and there are too many uncertainties. Once the child has a problem, if the parents stare at it, the child can be rescued immediately. If the child plays the swing way If it is not correct, parents can also correct their children in time, so naturally more dangers can be avoided.



  1. Don't pursue too much excitement

 first swing set


When I was playing on the swing in the park a few days ago, a girl about six or seven years old was also playing on the swing, and kept asking her mother to push herself. Later, the mother tried her best to push the child's swing very high. She screamed loudly and even asked her mother: Are you my mother? Children playing on the swing will not be satisfied with just a few slight shakes, but will continue to look for stimulation. As parents, we must stop this behavior of children. Children are not allowed to pursue high, fast, and far stimulation. Once they fall to the ground, The consequences could be disastrous.



  1. Swing on the swing with the correct sitting posture

 trekassy 700lb saucer tree swing


How do you teach your kids to swing? sitting? standing? Or in a variety of funny poses? If you don't care about the child's personal safety, then you can let the child choose any position. If you care about the child's health and safety, please let the child sit on the swing properly. When the swing is swinging, the momentum is very large.


If the child's posture is wrong, such as standing on it, the momentum will make the child unable to stand and fall down. Therefore, we must educate the child to play on the swing. You must be in a sitting position, otherwise you are not allowed to touch the swing.


  1. Grasp the ropes on both sides with both hands and do not put them on the swing

 yard swing


Because some children are very familiar with swings, they are unwilling to "follow the rules" when playing. For example, if they are too lazy to hold the ropes on both sides tightly with their hands, they will vacate their hands and "support" the whole person on the swing. It is particularly dangerous. If the center of gravity is unstable, it will fall over, or get caught under the swing and cause injury. Therefore, always remind children that they must grasp the ropes on both sides with both hands, and do not be careless.


  1. Don't squeeze two children together to play on the swing


yard swing


This is also what many children are willing to do. I saw this scene in the park a few days ago. Two eight or nine-year-old children had to squeeze on a swing, doing all kinds of dangerous behaviors on the swing, while letting the mother next to them do it. Take pictures. When two children are squeezed together on a swing, the center of gravity will become unstable. You swing here and I will swing there. This is very dangerous. In addition, two people are crowded together, which can easily lead to one side. I was accidentally pushed down, so parents should pay attention to this.


  1. Choose the appropriate swing according to the age of the child

 trekassy swing


Like those iron frame swings in open parks, such swings are suitable for adults and teenage children to play, because such swings have no protection and are very dangerous for children under teenage years. . There are various styles of swings, some with higher degrees of freedom, and some with higher safety. You have to choose the appropriate swing for your child according to the age of the child, otherwise it is easy to cause dangerous accidents.


  1. Wait until the swing is completely still before the child can come down

 trekassy swing


When the child does not want to play on the swing, it is best for the parents to wait until the swing of the swing becomes lighter, then hold the swing tightly, let the swing completely stop, and then let the child get off the swing. If the child is playing on the swing by himself, wait patiently for the swing to stop by itself, and then slowly come down. Don't jump down when the swing is still shaking. That kind of inertia will directly make the child fall to the ground, it is easy to be involved in the swing, and it is more likely to cause head injury.


  1. Don't play with other children on the swing

 yard swing


Two children play on the swing together, or the child and their parents each occupy a swing. They will keep reaching out to stop me, I will stop you, or stretch out their feet to play. This kind of behavior must be prohibited. Once pulled by one party, it will directly cause the child to fall off the swing, and under the action of each other's swings, once the body collides, the child's legs and arms may be broken.

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