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Applied premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship, Trekassy products are of high quality and durability. Here we round up some maintenance tips so that your Trekassy products can serve longer.

1.How to Maintain Your Dome Climber?

Dome Climber

  • ※ Be careful with the protective coatings of the poles as they are effective against rust.
  • ※ Tighten all hardware but do not overtighten. Otherwise, it would destroy the thread or cause cracking.
  • ※ Check all protective parts. Replace them if they are found loose, cracked, or missing.
  • ※ Repaint with non-lead-based paints when signs of oxidation and/or rust appear on your equipment.
  • ※ Check the accessories as well as the structure monthly to prevent falling.
  • ※ Store the dome climber in a dry area with good ventilation when it’s not in use.
  • ※ Do not use any abrasive cleansers for cleaning. A soft, damp cloth would be perfect to wipe out dust and dirt.

Dome Climber Canopy

  • ※ Do not use it for commercial.
  • ※ Do not place extra weights over the canopy when it’s in use.
  • ※ Do not wash the canopy, just wipe off the dirt with the damp cloth.
  • ※ Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach.

2.How to Maintain Your Trekassy Swing?

A rule of thumb is to remove the equipment from outdoors and store it in a dry place with good ventilation whenever it is not in use, or when the temperatures fall below 4 degrees. You should also check all the parts regularly and replace (or repair) them when required. Please follow the guidelines instructed below.

  • ※ Check all the hardware (screws, S-shaped hooks, washers, and metal rings) regularly and replace any of them when needed.
  • ※ Check the protective coverings of the tubes and repaint them with non-lead-based paintings if they are fading.
  • ※ Replace the tube(s) when they are damaged or missed.
  • ※ Replace the swing seat, ropes when needed.
  • ※ Lubricate the joint parts regularly if you hang the swing on a metal swing frame.