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Trampoline: One of the favorite games of all children

Owning a trampoline at home, in your own garden, is the dream of all children, who love to jump, so much so that often, having no other alternatives, they do it on their parents' bed! To prevent this from happening, if you want to amaze them and if you are looking for a gift that will make them really happy, know that certainly one of the most popular items for children, but also for older kids, is the trampoline.

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Today on the market it is possible to find many different models and choosing your choice may not be an easy task. This guide will help you understand how to proceed, what parameters to consider when you are going to buy your first trampoline, whether to equip it with accessories and which ones, how to maintain it.



Jumping on the trampoline is fun but also healthy!

Despite what one might think, jumping on a trampoline is not just a simple game intended exclusively for children, but it can be considered a real low-impact aerobic exercise, which does not stress the joints, helps to improve the balance and allows you to burn excess calories.

The trampoline should be considered, to all intents and purposes, like any other gymnastic apparatus and as such, therefore, can bring real physical benefits to the jumper's body, namely: it develops coordination; refines heart rate; promotes the expulsion of toxins, improving the lymphatic system; helps tone muscles and strengthen bones and ligaments; improves mood and accelerates metabolism.

Therefore know that buying a trampoline for your children is not only a fun game but you will encourage them to do a healthy physical activity, without them even noticing! Jumping on a trampoline consumes approximately 800 calories then now: think that to burn the same amount of calories at the same time you should run at 12 km / h!

The parameters to consider when choosing the best trampoline to buy


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Today on the market it is possible to find many models of elastic trampolines, elastic mat that differ from each other in type, size, lift, shape, price, but also for the quality standards that characterize them, for the degree of safety they are able to guarantee and for the possibility they have of being able to add certain accessories. So how to find the trampoline that's right for us?

The very first thing to do to orient yourself in the choice is undoubtedly to establish who will use the trampoline that we are going to buy. Obviously, if the user is made up of children, it is essential to choose a safe and reliable model, equipped with safety nets; on the other hand, in general, children do not weigh much, so it will be enough to focus on a small / medium-sized structure specially sized for the game: having said that, children grow up quickly so if you want to make a purchase that can last in the time and if the spaces we have at our disposal allow it, it is advisable to opt for a slightly larger model that is also good for boys.

It is also important to evaluate whether we plan to use it sporadically and occasionally or to use it daily as a training tool, even for adults; in the latter case it will be necessary to focus exclusively on robust and high quality products. Particular attention should be paid to the type of springs that are mounted on the trampoline: the longer the spring, the greater the "response of the trampoline.


Another fundamental criterion to take into consideration is the space available in your garden: one of the first things to do is to understand where our trampoline will be placed and evaluate the presence of any obstacles in the surrounding area, because based according to current safety standards, it would be necessary to have at least 7.3 m free above the net and 2.5 m on the sides all around. It is also advisable to avoid the proximity of trees, wires, walls or play areas. Having said that and having identified the best jumping area, it will be necessary to choose the shape that best lends itself to the designated space.




Main types of elastic trampolines

As already mentioned, there are different types of trampolines on the market, let's try to understand how they differ from each other.

Let's start with the classic garden trampoline, whether it is circular or rectangular, it is the most traditional model, the one consisting of a metal frame on which a net is mounted, surrounded by a perimeter padding that covers the springs and limits the likelihood of accidents. ; this can then be combined with various accessories, starting with the perimeter safety nets.



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Immediately after, we find the trampolines specially designed for younger children: these obviously have weight limits as regards the user and generally can be used by only one child at a time, but in many cases the small size allows keep them at home, although obviously they are less expensive, bear in mind that they have a much shorter lifespan than other models, because once your child has grown up he will no longer be able to use them.

The so-called "rebounder", or fitness trampolines specially designed to jump and train by improving one's level of physical endurance, are also very popular for adults and sportspeople, in this case they are small-sized objects, which find a place at home. . Finally, there are also trampolines specifically designed to be placed in the water, which must be deep enough, in order to jump and then dive for a nice swim: these are generally found at the sea or lake, in the most equipped seaside resorts and joy of all the boys.

Other trampoline models

It is also possible to find on the market other types of trampolines in addition to those just listed, decidedly more unusual or in any case more suitable for public rather than private use, also because generally they are more bulky objects and with a higher cost than a carpet. garden elastic.


childrens trampoline


First of all the so-called "inflatables", so loved by children and inevitably present at all outdoor parties, in playgrounds, but also in large shopping centers where space allows them to be installed.


The Olympic trampolines, on the other hand, are of a completely different kind, which are precisely those that are also used during the Olympics and which, given the high heights that they allow to reach in the jump, can only be used by experienced and trained athletes and in any case always under supervision. of a professional, who checks the plant and enforces all the safety measures imposed.

Which form to choose?


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When you are going to buy a trampoline together with the dimensions you will have to make a choice also for what concerns the shape, in order to be able to find the one that best suits your spaces, your tastes and your needs. On the market today there are elastic trampolines of the most varied configurations: round, oval, octagonal or rectangular, but, despite what one might think, the fact of favoring one shape rather than another cannot be dictated only by aesthetics. because each conformation corresponds to particular characteristics, which make that particular type of carpets more suitable for certain uses rather than for others. So let's try to understand what the difference is between one form and another.

When it comes to trampolines designed for domestic use, circular trampolines are certainly the most common, also because the jump is concentrated towards the center of the cloth, therefore it does not allow bounces of great power and limits the possibility of accidents and the occurrence of trauma and injury. On the contrary, the rectangular shape is the one most used by professional gymnasts and by the most reckless, acrobatic and daring jumpers: in fact this is the configuration that allows the most powerful rebound and greater momentum than all the others. Furthermore, for the same indoor airship, rectangular trampolines are generally more expensive than round ones and take up more space.

Oval trampolines are a good compromise between round and rectangular trampolines, as they offer more jumping surface, less stiff jumps and more bounce than circular models, but are safer and also take up less space than rectangular trampolines. makes a great option for those who want a powerful bounce but don't have a lot of space.

Finally, the octagonal trampolines are very robust and very similar, both in shape and size to the round ones, while offering a little more space to jump and a freer bounce, as the jumper does not tend to always land towards the center. , however, they are much more expensive, which is why most people prefer to buy circular models.


12ft trampoline


Accessories for trampolines

After purchasing your trampoline, know that you can also enrich it by adding some optional accessories, which can increase its functions and safety; so let's do a brief overview of it.


Anchor kit

Buying a ground anchoring kit can add an additional level of safety and stability to your trampoline, also to prevent it from flying away due to very strong wind. Stairs

It is undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories: in fact, to facilitate and secure access and exit from your trampoline, the best thing is to equip it with a metal ladder.

Side upholstery

Around the lower part of your carpet you can add a side cover with special pockets, which can be useful for putting on shoes, socks, a hat, water or whatever else you want.

Protective sheet

To cover the net of your trampoline so that it does not remain directly exposed to the elements, it is advisable to purchase a protective sheet, generally made of PVC, with three holes to allow the water to drain and which is simply fixed under the cushion. lateral. Covers

It is also possible to add a cover over your trampoline, this on the one hand will help to make it more cute and personal, also because on the market there are really colorful and fun ones and on the other it will allow you to protect it during the winter season and to shelter you from the sun during that summer.


Igloo tent

Above your circular trampoline it is also possible to mount a real igloo-shaped tent, which will allow your little ones to live an unusual experience of camping with friends, directly in the home garden and without the need for major preparations!


Game accessories

Finally, it is possible to buy a series of tools that used together with the trampoline will allow your children to try their hand at ever new gaming experiences. Among these we find skis and boards, which simulate jumping on snow-covered slopes; balls, balls, ribbons; but also game boards designed to shoot at the target, play for the basket and so on, you are really spoiled for choice.


Care and maintenance of your trampoline


black trampoline


trampoline for children


Trampolines, depending on the size, brand and model chosen, can also cost a lot of money; to better protect the monetary investment sustained and to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and in the best conditions, it will be treated and maintained with attention and loving care.


The first advice is certainly to buy and use a cover for the carpet, whether it is a canopy to be positioned above the uprights of the side protection nets, rather than a sheet with which to cover the net directly, the important thing is protects everything from bad weather, but also from the possible presence of animals, bird droppings, leaves and more.


Before getting on your trampoline, remember to wear socks or stay barefoot, but never use it with your shoes on, this will not only avoid damaging the padding but will help keep the net clean.


Do not walk, do not jump, do not lie down and do not sit on the padded safety edges: otherwise you risk deteriorating them and compromising the safety of your trampoline. It is important to read and carefully follow the assembly instructions, but also those relating to care and cleaning that are reported in the booklet supplied with your trampoline, in order to be sure that you have done everything in the right way and without making mistakes, that maybe could compromise the safety and functionality of the whole.


The importance of safety


bounce trampoline


Especially if it is a trampoline for children, but obviously not only, it is essential to make sure that you are dealing with a safe object, made with resistant and quality materials and above all with a thick padding at the edges, firmly fixed to the frame. .


The presence of a protective net is then essential to ensure the safety of the trampoline and avoid flying out, having said that it is important to check the meshes and details, but this is not enough to prevent any problems from arising.


Although the childrens trampoline currently on the market are much safer than those of time, even jumping, like any other physical activity, can involve risks that cannot be eliminated a priori.


To try to avoid the occurrence of problems, it is good practice first of all to always follow the instructions for both assembly and use reported in the manual supplied and then it would always be better that, especially children, jump supervised by an adult, who puts them on guard against any potentially dangerous behavior and who can promptly intervene in the event of an accident.

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