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The Different Types Of Swings For The Playground

Because the swing improves children's mood

A University of Washington study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, focusing on groups of 4-year-olds, demonstrated the many benefits of this timeless classic childhood game: as well as being a fun and engaging form of entertainment , swinging on the swing stimulates collaboration with other children (for thrust and control), coordination (between touch and sight for example), harmony and synchrony of movements.


Yard swing


All very important elements in the growth phase, but that's not all: by means of the swing on height, children can test themselves and experiment with concepts such as freedom, speed and happiness, the latter essential aspect when it comes to outdoor games. 'open, which today more than ever need to be rediscovered. The combination of all these elements inevitably influences the mood of the little ones, who find themselves excited and happy to play in such a simple way, but so engaging at the same time, both alone and with friends, creating always unique opportunities for fun. and several.

Finally, the swing allows children to move independently in the directions they want, and also to experiment with their potential and abilities, such as strength, drive and balance, as we saw in our article on psychomotor skills. A true classic of outdoor games that never ceases to please!

All the benefits of the swing

The impression of flying, the sense of freedom and the inevitably fun that characterize swinging on the swing are just some of the reasons why it would be worth considering buying it if you have a space in the garden. Then there are the physical and psychological benefits mentioned in the previous paragraph of course, but not only: thanks to it, children can in fact learn to socialize with others on the playground and increase their awareness, as well as the sense of harmony and well-being with your body.

swing set


In fact, the swings offer the possibility of organizing creative games and competitions, of perfecting the skills of movement and balance, and therefore of autonomy, to entertain themselves in an activity that does not involve technology and which on the contrary allows them to breathe a little. of fresh air and to create fun moments with parents, family and friends.

The Baby Swing of Vitamin G


Baby swing set


But where to start to orient yourself when choosing a first, baby swing for your child? Globo offers the Vitamin 5 Baby Swing, the outdoor swing suitable for children aged 12 months and up to 25 kg. Thanks to the metal structure, the firm seat, the comfortable backrest and the adjustable bumper bar, it is the perfect solution to allow the little one to rock and relax in total safety! Stable and sturdy, what is better than the gentle rocking due to the swing and feeling the breeze on your face, in addition to having the sun's rays that emphasize your smile? Let the game begin!

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