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Garden games for children

Those who own a green space where children can play must also equip it so that they can play in a safe and fun way, the times when swings were built and hung from large branches of olive trees or slides were built with material recovered from some old basement.

Garden games for children are bought in relation to age, but there are those who do not disdain to spend a few dollars more to always have games made of precious wood in plain sight and that time is slow to degrade.

Trekassy swing

The swing is certainly an inevitable garden game, the most resistant are in treated wood, the height is to be considered in relation to the baby to be rocked, what you need to ask is the age for which it is intended and at the same time the maximum weight that can support, is sold in kit that can be disassembled and stored in a garage or attic.

The swing has a price starting at around $ 130 for the singles and can more than double by increasing the number of seats, the swings to hang (most of the time they are no more than three).

Trekassy swing

The slide is another very popular garden game, the age is from 3 to 8 years, the supporting structure is made of metal and the slide is made of plastic, the ladder is found in different materials, metal is the most common , better to avoid those with plastic pegs, in the long run with the sun they become brittle.

The price of the slide starts at just over $ 140, those with higher prices have a very long slide and are mounted with central supports and the prices rise even more than double.


family swing set


The trampoline is a garden game with which those who have some white hair have little played with since they were rarely seen in private gardens and only the large ones were seen in large playgrounds, the safest models have a protective net all over. 'around and the metal parts are safe, the diameter of the carpet is the index of the measure to be taken.

The structure is in metal and the trampoline is in polyethylene and sponge, the age here goes up to 12 years, the price of a well-made trampoline starts from $ 250.


12ft trampoline

For the little ones a fun and creative garden game is the playhouse, on the market there is only the embarrassment of choice, the most expensive are in wood and can be painted as desired, the interior coating can be very luxurious with flooring in wooden planks and with closable doors and windows and waterproof structure, a sort of studio apartment, just ask for the electricity and gas supply contract and you can move.

The price of a garden playhouse made of wood with all accessories starts at $ 400.

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