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What should be considered when choosing a children's swing?

Children love to play in the garden area for hours, with a swing being one of their favorite play equipment. They can take off on a swing, let themselves be pushed and develop a certain sense of freedom. Such a play structure is also decorative and gives your garden area an attractive design. Let's discover with OOGarden what to consider when choosing a children's swing so that it suits your children and your outdoor space !

Determine the right installation site and make the preparations

Before proceeding with the purchase and installation of a play structure for a swing and other elements, you should be clear about where the structure will be placed. You should also prepare this installation site in advance:

trekassy 700lb saucer tree swing

☛ If it's an open and flat area, then you're right.

☛ The surface should preferably not be too hard. A sandy bottom or lawn would be perfect for the kids.

☛ It is recommended to leave 2 meters of free space around the play structure to allow children to move freely. If there are trees, bushes or hedges in the vicinity, these must be trimmed so that they do not pose a risk of collision for the children.

☛ Choose a location that allows visual contact with the swinging children to avoid accidents.

Which material version for the swing?
There are swings made of wood or metal, each of which has its advantages.

wooden swing

Wood, here mainly pine, is a natural material with a warm appearance. It is highly valued for making swings. A wooden swing integrates harmoniously into a garden and offers numerous additional design options for other games (slide, playhouse, gondola, etc.) to the delight of the children.


family swing set

Thanks to the thermal treatment of the wood (autoclave treatment in the factory to make the wood resistant to mold and pests), wooden play structures have a long service life. Nevertheless, the wood surface should be treated regularly with a suitable product, which strengthens its resistance and further optimizes its service life.

Remember to regularly check the stability of the frame, for example by tightening the screws. Wood works and moves; it is a living material.

Play frame made of metal

A metal scaffold is valued primarily for its light weight, which makes it easier to set up.

Since these play frames are anchored to the ground with concrete, they are still very robust and allow safe play.

Another advantage: Play frames made of metal are generally cheaper than other variants! Despite the low price, these play structures can also accommodate several other play equipment in order to do justice to the different play instincts.

However, metal scaffolding is not that demanding in terms of aesthetics.

A simple swing or a play structure with additional play equipment?

Essentially, a swing is nothing more than a simple seat board attached to a solid structure with ropes.

Today, this simplification is mostly no longer applicable, since much more is possible with the systems on offer than just a simple rocking movement. The scaffolding can include a variety of accessories with which other games are possible: climbing rope, hammock swing, trapeze, pull-up bars or even a scaffold with a slide...

If you have a large outdoor area, then don't hesitate to choose a large play scaffold width that includes practically all play options. If you have a smaller budget, you can limit yourself to the most important gaming equipment. Children's swings are already available at a very reasonable price.


yard swing

Which swing for which age group?

The required playground equipment depends on the age and the number of children playing. To ensure everyone is having fun, each child should have at least one piece of play equipment to prevent arguments. It is of course possible to make the play area scalable and to exchange certain elements depending on the children's needs.

The swing for the baby

Ordinary swings are not suitable for children under 3 years old. The child should at least be able to hold the ropes independently while swinging. However, some of the multi-age swings have special seats for toddlers so the whole family can enjoy the play structure.

There are also special baby swings that consist of a kind of baby seat with a sling. It will be great fun for your baby to swing back and forth with slight movements.

The swing for toddlers

Children between 3 and 5 years do not need a trapeze or a climbing rope yet. On the other hand, these children are enthusiastic when they can use a swing with a slide.

A partner swing is also popular with children, as they can swing while they can see each other. Ideal for girlfriends or boyfriends!

The swing for teenagers

From the age of 9, all games in a play structure can usually be played! (but still depends on the child) For this age group, a play structure with a variety of play equipment is recommended: stairs, climbing wall, trapeze... You are spoiled for choice here to give your offspring the prerequisites for lots of fun.

Pay attention to the scaffolding height, especially if you, as an adult, let yourself be tempted to enjoy a swing sequence yourself! We recommend a model with a height of 2.30 m or higher so that the whole family can enjoy the facility.


backyard saucer swing


Recommendations for using the scaffolding

Don't underestimate the issue of security. You can only rest easy if everything is in order in this regard. Don't hesitate to use the right tools to anchor the frame to the ground. Spirit level, drill driver and cement are good help in this work. It is recommended to dig the anchoring holes 50 cm deep in the ground and to isolate the hole well from the ground with wedges and pebbles. You can use large, sturdy nails to give the grout a good grip. Do not release the scaffolding for play until the anchorage has dried properly.

In order to cushion the children well in the event of a fall on the ground, there should be at least a soft lawn, but it is better to have fall protection mats specially designed for playgrounds. In any case, avoid concrete or stone tiles; otherwise it won't stop at small ailments!

In order to cushion the children well in the event of a fall on the ground, there should be at least a soft lawn, but it is better to have fall protection mats specially designed for playgrounds. In any case, avoid concrete or stone tiles; otherwise it won't stop at small ailments!

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