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Swings for children: guide to choosing and positioning

Before your child can swing, you should find an optimal position for the swing. When choosing, you will have to make sure that you have enough space to push yourself and to jump down. A word of advice: we suggest that you choose a space where the soil is soft enough. If you can't find a suitable ground, you can put fall arrest mats or create a carpet of sand at least 30 cm high.

1. Wooden swing


A wooden swing, thanks to its natural material, will integrate very well into your garden. However, before buying, you will have to keep in mind that a solid wood swing takes up a lot of space and that after a few years it is difficult to disassemble as the wood could warp.


- Weather and load resistant
- Does not overheat


- Wood requires periodic care


2. Metal swing

A metal swing is protected by a special coating and therefore very durable. In addition, it can offer the little ones a lot of fun, as they can easily attach their favorite swing types to it, from the buoy swing to the pot swing.


- Durable and thin
- Easy to assemble and disassemble


- It could get warm in the sun


3. Single swing

On top!

The classic among the play tools that should not be missing in any children's garden!

Garden size: medium


- Not bulky
- Easy to assemble


- With more children, you'll have to take turns!


4. Double swing

Who gets higher?

To ensure that even the youngest children swing in the air in complete safety, you can mount a gondola seat rather than a swing with a classic tablet seat.

Garden size: large


- Ideal for multiple children
- Possibility of customized set-up


- More space is required


5. Module swing

Flexibly expandable

There are different types of accessories that you can add whenever you want!

Garden size: large


Possibility of customized set-up
- Constantly expandable


6. Swing with old tires

DIY swing

With old tires you can quickly build a swing yourself! For assembly and fixing, simply use a set of strings.


- Cheap
- Customizable at will
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