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How to choose the garden swing?
Swings are a nice and relaxing addition to one's garden, which can be equally enjoyable for children and adults. No wonder so many families want one for their gardens.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for outdoor entertainment for the children or a place to sit and relax: a carefully chosen swing, perhaps following the advice of the experts, can bring smiles and laughter to any garden.

Swings for children: what to consider?

Choosing the right swing is important when you have children, especially if you want it to last a long time.

Make sure that the swing you plan to buy is aimed at the right age group and, if possible, choose one that will be used for years to come. Even if that means shelling out more now, it will save you a hefty sum in the long run.

Take care to choose the swing according to the age and number of children. Adjust the height according to the height of the child: but riding on a swing is not recommended for children under 3 years.

A booster seat for very young children will require extra back support, to ensure they are perfectly safe while playing. Some have "anti-winding" pads on the crossbar to prevent the seats and chains from wrapping around themselves, rendering the swings unusable.

Choice of material, wood or metal

Any swing should have a sturdy frame, made of strong, durable materials, and easy-to-follow instructions. There are mainly two materials used in the construction of swing sets: wood and metal. Treated pine wood is common, and metal is usually designed for outdoor use.

The swing with a wooden structure must absolutely include a treatment against humidity and woodworm and insects that can corrode it. Better to choose wood with a high degree of resistance to rot

Metal swings are typically cheaper than their hardwood counterparts and can feature all kinds of stylish designs. Just as with wooden swings, metal swings also suffer damage from rain and sun by developing rust and discoloration. There are some metal and spray materials that the swing can be coated with to reduce this damage. However, it is advisable to protect metal swings by placing them under the roof.

Recycled plastic is the cheapest of materials and does not suffer from weather damage. A great option if you want to place the swing in your garden or under a tree.

Useful considerations and indications

As with any moving equipment, you should follow general safety requirements when considering buying a swing.

The space in the garden

Before moving on to buying the best swing for your garden, take into consideration the spaces. You have to be careful that the swing does not take up all the space in the yard. Measure the width and length of your swing and the space you need around it. Allow enough space to walk around the swing.

The placement of the frame should minimize the risk of collision by being a safe distance from other game units and away from pathways and gates. Also make sure that there are no shrubs, trees or boulders in the immediate vicinity of the swing as they could be potential hazards in the event of a fall. Usually, a radius of two meters away should be sufficient.

The falling space

When buying a swing, look in the parameters for the free fall height and the fall space area, which are indicated on almost all products. The free fall height is the point from which the user can fall; the fall area of the space is the safety zone surrounding the swing that must be free from any obstructions.

By determining the total space needed and the amount of surface area required, these dimensions will affect the overall cost of the installation. For example, the higher the drop height, the thicker the surface needs to be to absorb impacts in the event of a fall.


The surrounding land

The choice of terrain is also important, because a fall can quickly become dangerous if it's not soft enough. Avoid hard surfaces such as concrete, pavement, or even tile or pebbles at all costs. A lawn is just fine and a 10 cm layer of sand is ideal. If the ground is too hard, spread a 5 cm layer of maritime pine bark, it is beautiful and also very soft.

Now you have all the bases to be able to reflect on which swing is best for your garden, based on the space available and your needs. As we have seen, swings can bring an extra touch of happiness to any exterior, but nevertheless they must tick many boxes, from the materials used to the safety requirements.
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