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Climbing on the playground and in the garden is an essential activity for kids

Yes, it's very scary, especially if you are an anxious parent. But outdoor play and adventure are necessary for a psychophysical growth that is as harmonious, complete and safe as possible. This is why having a children's playground, swings or climbing sets in the garden (or in the condominium courtyard) is a great idea.

But why specifically climbing, going up the slide, trying to go on the swing and all the classic playground activities are essential?


Emmi Pickler's Theory

Emmi Pickler, who also invented the Pickler triangle of the same name, was a Hungarian pediatrician from the last century. According to her observation, boys and girls have innate psychomotor and physical abilities. You don't need to teach them anything: sooner or later they will get there on their own. But that doesn't mean that the stimulus isn't important.

On the contrary: according to Pickler, in order for the child's movement to develop at its best, it is necessary that the boy or girl is offered the appropriate tools and the ideal environment. When they feel safe, with their parents who observe and guide, boys and girls experience their movements better and independently, setting their muscles and skeleton in motion and thus finding their own harmony.

Emotional security and the right environment are therefore essential, and outdoor playgrounds are designed exactly for this.


At the playground: free motor skills

On the playground, boys and girls can therefore put their free motor skills into practice, safely and independently, experimenting with new postures, new movements, new grips... The whole physique benefits from it, and even hand-eye coordination (necessary for precision, for writing and for many other movements) it comes out strengthened.

At the same time, by climbing and playing on structures designed especially for them, girls and boys improve their proprioception (i.e. self-awareness in space) and spatial intelligence.


Stimulate movement even at home

As mentioned at the beginning, equipping the garden, courtyard or a large balcony with wooden structures for playing and climbing (such as those by Trekassy, one of the best brands in the sector) is very useful and recommended.

Under the supervision of their parents or whoever is playing with them, the boys and girls will refine their movements, test their adventurous spirit and stimulate their muscles and skeleton. All while always feeling protected and safe, guided by the gaze of those who are taking care of them but with the freedom to experience motion in the most natural and independent way possible.
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