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How and when to teach children somersaults, swings and jumping rope

Somersaults, swings and jumping rope are games to teach children because they help their development: when to start doing it

Children have fun through play and, at the same time, learn and grow. There are many educational games to rely on for their development, but often there's nothing better than dedicating yourself to activities that can be done outdoors - or at home - and which involve physical exercises. Somersaults, swings and jumping rope are some of them, but when is it appropriate to teach them to our children?

Somersaults, swings and jumping rope, the right time to start
Skills of this type are generally acquired around the age of 6. However, with the help of their parents, children can test themselves even earlier, both at home and outdoors. Let's find out together, therefore, the right time to teach our children somersaults, swings and jumping rope.

When to go on a swing
According to a study by the University of Washington, swinging is good for mood but also for psychophysical development. The right age to start experimenting with this new skill is between 4 and 6 years old.

Not surprisingly, this survey was carried out on a group of 4-year-old children and demonstrated the following advantages:

stimulates collaboration;
increases coordination, harmony and synchrony.
The tips to keep in mind are to choose non-cage models and whose seat is not too high, and maybe sit next to each other and rock slowly together to show the little ones how to move their legs.

Teaching somersaults: when to start
The rolling activity helps little ones develop coordination, flexibility, muscle strength and also challenges their balance.

In this case, the right age to start is well before the swing: 1-2 years, to then reach 3-4 years already able to do real somersaults.

The good news is that this is an exercise that can also be done at home by spreading a few pillows on a carpet.

In the open air, on the other hand, it is necessary to make sure that there are no sharp stones in the vicinity.

After the first periods in which the little ones will roll over in a funny way, the time will come - which corresponds more or less to 3 years - to do it with them too, that is to say show them how to do a forward somersault. When they start trying, then, it would be appropriate to try to encourage them with a gentle push on the back or on the butt.

Jumping rope indoors or outdoors: when to start
By jumping rope our children become more resistant and attentive. But not only. Thanks to this activity, in fact:

  • the heart trains;
  • improve posture;
  • the coordination of movements is perfected;
  • enhance creative development.

The right time to start is around 3 years old, when the little ones can start jumping on one foot. 5 or 6, on the other hand, is the perfect age to use the rope.

To ensure that they improve balance and agility, it is important to initially undertake simple games that involve jumping with feet together or on one leg. Then you have to try and try again, perhaps following the rhythm of a song.

Playing outdoors: the benefits
Playing outdoors is good for your health, and somersaulting, swinging, and jumping rope all boost other skills as well.

In fact, they help motor development, cognitive skills and social behavior. In essence, they are useful for our children to enhance their personality and improve skills, attitudes and behaviors which, without a shadow of a doubt, will prove to be useful for their future.

Among the main reasons why it is worth teaching children somersaults, swings and jumping rope is the fact that time spent outdoors strengthens the immune system making them grow healthier and stronger.

They also improve mood and help fight anxiety and depression.

But that's not all because outdoor play helps prevent myopia: according to a study conducted by Yat-sen University, forty minutes of daily creative activity outside the home or school would be able to significantly reduce the risk in children to develop this visual defect in the medium and long term.

Finally, the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D which promotes bone calcification.

Not only somersaults, swings and jumping rope: other activities for children
Somersaults, swings and jumping rope are games that, sooner or later, children must be taught. However, there are also other activities that are useful for boosting their development:

soap bubbles: train self-control skills and develop accuracy. The right age is 1 year to start and 3 to make them "perfect";
catching the ball: improves general dynamic coordination and hand-eye coordination. The best age to try to start is 1-2 years old, the one to do it well is 5 or 6.

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