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Does a metal swing frame need to be anchored?

What anchoring options are there?

The most durable and safest variant of anchoring is concrete. You can either put the posts of the swing frame directly into the concrete or ground anchors to which you later attach the posts. It is essential to ensure that the swing is placed on a level surface, as this also increases safety and stability.

Anchoring without concrete

Anchoring without concrete is much less work than setting it in concrete. In the hardware store you will find ground sockets that are hammered into the ground, or even ground anchors that can be screwed in. Before you put the anchors in the ground, assemble the swing frame ($159.99.00 on Trek-assy.com*) to find the right spot for the anchors.

Both variants are particularly suitable when the ground is relatively firm but free of stones. In a very stony subsoil you can only screw or hammer in ground anchors with difficulty. The same applies if there are many or particularly thick (tree) roots in the soil. If the ground is too loose, the anchors may not hold properly.

Anchoring with concrete

If you choose to embed the swing or ground anchors in concrete, then pinpoint the exact location of the holes in the same way as if you were going for simple anchoring. At the marked points, dig out the ground about 50 to 60 cm deep.

Pour the concrete mixed according to the instructions into the holes. Then place the swing frame in the damp, dry concrete or the ground anchors. Only screw the swing frame to the ground anchors after the concrete has dried.

The essentials in brief:
Anchoring possible with or without concrete
Choose a spot carefully: sun/shade, preferably no incline

Assemble the Heavy Duty Metal Swing Frame

Mark the position of the drive-in sleeves or the holes for concrete
possibly: dig a hole, pour in concrete
Drive in or screw in sleeves


The lighter the swing frame, the easier it could tip over and the more firmly it should be anchored.

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