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Why you should get your kids a Dome Climber Frame?

Do you remember back then Playhouses, swings, slides… outdoor play equipment has a magnetic effect on children. The world is a jungle!

Studies show that although children develop better outdoors, there is less time spent playing outdoors. New research gives us new interesting facts about its health benefits.

"During outdoor play, children learn to communicate with their peers and how to solve problems between them."

Below we will give you 13 reasons why you should put a high quality Dome Climber Frame in your garden.



1. Playing outside and fresh air are necessary for the brain

Research shows that children who play outside do better in school, for example in writing, arithmetic, critical thinking and listening. The effects of outdoor activities on the brain are necessary for the regeneration and production of brain cells. During exertion, certain brain cells are created that affect the memory system. These brain cells have a major impact on children's ability to concentrate. So playing in the fresh air is very healthy and fun too!


2. Playing outside is healthy for body and soul

Being active outside promotes coordination, balance and physical development. Through climbing, children learn to make decisions. Play equipment gets the children moving, which in turn builds muscle strength, flexibility, gross motor skills and stamina. Insufficient exercise can lead to reduced flexibility, frequent falls, fear of heights, insecurity and underachievement in education. Not to mention, childhood obesity is on the rise these days, so exercise is even more important.

Playing, climbing, crawling, jumping, running, falling and getting up every day is especially important for children. Research has shown that children who spend a lot of time in the fresh air have a lower risk of diseases later in life, such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis, weak bones and a weak immune system. So make sure your kids get their daily dose of fresh air.


3. Playing outside in the sun for the right dose of vitamin D

Recent Dutch research shows that one in three children has a vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to weaker bones and a weakened immune system. Absorbing adequate daylight is important to their eating and sleeping cycle.

Recent research in China has shown that being outside in the fresh air is essential for proper and good eye development. Researchers' advice is to spend at least two hours a day outdoors. Playing outside is always a good idea!


4. Playing on a jungle gym to develop social skills

Playing together is always fun. The kids in your class or the kids in the neighborhood will love playing with your kids on a jungle gym. In this way they learn to work together, for example by inventing games, which also benefits creativity. In these games, they often compete against each other, meaning they win or lose. Through victory or defeat, they develop self-confidence, emotional skills, and learn to overcome the fall and get back up.


5. A wooden climbing frame stimulates children's natural imagination

Children can develop their creativity and let their imagination run wild on a playground. Reality is slowly disappearing and a blink of an eye later the climbing frame has been transformed into a fairytale castle or a pirate ship. The smile on the children's faces is why we do all this!


6. Children turn into real explorers on a playground

Jungle Gym is designed to stimulate imagination and creativity and to help discover new things in the world. When playing outdoors, the children turn into real discoverers and researchers. Not just through your own imagination. You will see and find different materials in and around the jungle gym, such as sand, twigs, rocks, water and shells.


7. Climbing around on the jungle gym is an attractive alternative to the screen

New technology has given us many advantages these days. However, doctors strongly advise against looking at a screen too much, as this can be harmful to children. Therefore, they recommend that children should look at a screen for a maximum of 2 hours outside of school hours. One more reason to take the fun outside!


8. Reduce stress and better manage incentives

Children who suffer from concentration problems have problems concentrating, they experience everyday school life much more strenuous and stressful than other children. Children with a lot of imagination and energy can use their energy better outside in the fresh air than inside the house. Playing in the fresh air stimulates the development of natural creativity and helps to reduce stress and deal better with stimuli.


9. The kids sleep like babies after a long day of outdoor play

Climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, laughing and running use up a lot of energy. After a long day of play in the fresh air, the children are often physically exhausted, which means that they sleep much better at the end of the day!


10. While your children are playing in the garden, you have time for other things

It has never been so easy to complete daily chores while the kids are playing outside in the garden. The children play independently in the garden while you have both hands free to do your things. You're just keeping an eye on them.


11. Everything stays neat and clean

Playing outdoors keeps everything neat and clean indoors. There is no confrontation with lemonade or breadcrumbs as this is happening outside on the lawn. Perfect!


12. Plenty of choice of climbing frames

Did you know that you can design your personal climbing frame yourself? There are many options for your wooden climbing frame. You can choose a large or small playground equipment. With a swing, a mini market or a fireman's pole. You can always spice up your play tower with various accessories or modules, such as the boat or train module. Play the Tic Tac Toe game, use the steering wheel, organize transport with the bucket upstairs or communicate with others using the speaking tube.


13. Because it's so much fun

There are many reasons why you should choose the climbing frame or swing set. The most important reason is that your kids will love it incredibly and will have endless fun with it. The playground equipment will last for years, so your children can enjoy it for a long time, no matter how old they are. And you will love it too!

All of our climbing frames are safety tested and suitable for children from 3 to 10 years. If you are looking for a climbing frame for public use, visit our Hy-Land website for more information.

Do you have any questions or need help? Our customer service will be happy to help you and explain everything about our wooden playground equipment.

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