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Why play outside?

Trekassy encourages children to play outdoors. climbing frame, sliding down the slide and digging in a sandbox: children often have a lot of fun playing in the garden. Plus, outdoor play is tremendously good for kids. Trekassy lists all the benefits of being outdoors:

Explore the world

There is so much more to discover outside than behind the game console or television. Due to the different weather conditions and the change of seasons, children can go on a new journey of discovery every day.

The little animals fly, smell the flowers and feel the fresh wind on your face. Outside, all senses are optimally used! And did you know that children who play outside can see better? They learn to look at objects from a distance at an early age and their eyes also get used to natural light.

Anyone who plays outside develops

Children unconsciously develop their muscles while playing outside. Climbing up and down a playhouse or practicing for a slam dunk with a basketball system is good for motor skills. Trampolining is of course the best activity for balance. How hard do you have to throw the ball or when do you have to brake with your triker to avoid colliding? Learn to judge distances in a playful way while playing outside.

Children who play outside are also incredibly creative: they come up with new games and rules and invent the most amazing stories. Let your imagination run wild!

Play together, share together

Outdoor toys from Trekassy invite you to play together and are therefore very good for the social development of children. During a football game, they learn to work together or fight against each other. But outside, it is also important to consult and be patient: for example, who gets to climbing dome climber first?

Nice fit

When children are outside, their bodies absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D gives them strong bones & muscles and improves their immune system so they don't get sick so easily: Playing outside is therefore very healthy! And did your kids get dirty while playing? After a nice bath they are clean again.

Of course, it is important to consider the weather conditions. Lubricate children well when the sun is shining and coordinate clothing with the weather. So they can play outside safely without any problems.

Relaxation in the fresh air

No matter how active children may seem when playing outside, it actually provides head-to-toe relaxation. Fresh air and nature will calm you down. Just letting off steam helps children to get rid of stress themselves. And after an active day playing outside, you'll sleep like a log!

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