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Trampoline, slide, swing: the top 3 outdoor playground equipment for children

Do you want your children to move around in the garden? The trampoline, slide and swing provide excellent opportunities for your little ones to let off steam and romp around outdoors. Here are the three most popular playground equipment for children, which can be selected and placed in the garden depending on the space available.

The trampoline: let's go!

With a trampoline, a child can have fun and experience exciting moments at the same time. It's perfect for getting rid of excess energy, challenging yourself, or learning how to share. A trampoline will quickly be accepted in your garden.

There are trampolines of all sizes (from 1.2 m to over 4 m in diameter) and for every budget. As a reminder, the trampoline must be chosen according to the age of the children, because the larger its diameter, the more it bounces back and the higher the jump. For daring jumps without much risk, we recommend a trampoline that is closed with a net. The most common variant is mesh with a zip, but Velcro also works very well.

Are you looking for a comfort model to soften the impact? Some trampolines come with pads and cushions for a bruise-free jumping experience.

Also remember that when placing a trampoline in the garden or yard, it is best to allow 2 meters of free space around the device. A clearance of 7 meters above the trampoline is recommended for the height. Therefore, avoid placing the playground equipment under a tree.

Safety Advice: Only allow one child on the trampoline at a time to avoid the risk of serious collisions!

The shape and height of the slide should be chosen according to the size and age of the children. You will find the recommended age on the respective product page. There is a suitable toy for every child.

Even small children can enjoy the slide fun under the supervision of an adult and on low slides. They are usually made of plastic and colourful, no higher than 1.20 meters and have a gentle slope.

The incline of the slide is also chosen according to the age of the child, because the longer and steeper it is, the faster the slide goes. It is imperative that the landing pad is kept clear to allow for a soft landing.

There are different types of slides to choose from:

  • with level sliding surface;
  • with waves;
  • with curves;
  • etc.

The specific characteristics of the slide will affect the area that must be kept clear at the end of the slide and around the play area.

Slides can be purchased alone or in combination with scaffolding or a children's playhouse to expand the play area. Which model you choose is both a question of available space and budget.

By the way: when buying, look out for non-slip steps or rungs as well as stable handles and high safety edges along the slide.

The Swing: Ready to take off

The swing is the classic among children's outdoor play equipment. Whether temporarily attached to the branch of an old tree or hanging from a wooden or metal structure, the swing will win the hearts of children big and small alike.

The height of the swing is also chosen according to the age of the young users. Children under 36 months must be secured in a harnessed seat when swinging. This eliminates the risk of falling. There are three swing variations on the market:

  • The baby swing with a mini structure about one meter high
  • The children's swing (3-14 years)
  • The adult swing

When choosing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the morphology of the child. Some swings have a plain wooden seat, others have thermoformed seats or rubber seats.

The weight of the users needs to be considered as it will affect the stability and the accidents can be avoided. Failure to comply with the safety instructions can have serious consequences and the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for improper use.

Whether you choose a single swing or a combined swing with other outdoor play equipment depends on your little ones' desire to play. Depending on how many children you have, you can choose different extensions to a scaffolding (ship swing, single swing, trapeze, net, knotted rope, etc.). Of course, the number of extensions determines the length of the crossbeam and thus the size of the entire scaffold.

Always set up swing frames on a level surface. Make sure there is enough space so that the playground equipment can be used without the risk of bumping into it.

Choosing between trampoline, slide and swing is not easy. Ask your children what they want and surprise them with a dream playground at home!

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