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The web swing - swinging fun for young and old

Web swings are suitable for swing fans of all ages if a few important factors are taken into account. In addition to a high load capacity of at least 100 kg, the nest swing should have a sufficiently large diameter so that the weight can be distributed evenly.

The difference to the conventional swing

In contrast to a conventional swing, the rocking movements of the nest swing are far less expansive. This is much more of a comfortable and contemplative rocking back and forth. The special thing about the nest swing is that several children can swing together. Many of these nest swings are now found in public playgrounds, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in the home garden, and with good reason.

 Trekassy Tree Swing


The different nest swing types

Basically, the principle of a nest swing is always the same. All models have a braided seat, which usually has a lightly padded edge and is hung on height-adjustable ropes. Optionally, they are suitable for outdoors and indoors. The nest swings are mainly differentiated in their different shapes.

The classic is the round nest swing

This classic with the round shape is also often referred to as a bird's nest swing. They are among the models that are most often found on playgrounds and are also increasingly finding their way into home gardens.

The main advantage of the round shape is that it creates a kind of lounging area, which is why they are also ideal for babies. There is no danger of falling out with these models.


The angular nest swing

These models are significantly larger than the round models, so they often offer space for up to 4 children. This not only guarantees playing together, but of course also a shared experience and a lot of relaxation.



Purchase criteria for the nest swing – you should pay attention to that


Spider Web Tree Swing


The resilience of a nest swing

The resilience of a nest swing is an essential factor, because this is the load capacity of the respective swing. This plays a decisive role, especially when several children are supposed to have fun on it. On average, a nest swing has a load capacity of approx. 100 kg. The larger the seat of the nest swing, the larger the maximum load weight is usually. You should never overload a nest swing, otherwise there is a risk that the fabric could tear. That would be a very big security risk.


The material texture

The seat is basically braided, but it consists of either braided textiles, plastic or PVC. The ropes can also be made of different materials. Plastic, natural ropes or steel chains are used here. There can also be differences in the construction of the seat. In addition to the classic net, there are also models in which the seat is closed. The open models are almost always mainly found outdoors, while the closed models are often used indoors. The closed seat is particularly suitable for small children, as it is much more comfortable overall.


The height adjustability

As a rule, a nest swing is hung on a frame. If a nest swing is used for a baby, the suspension height should definitely be less than one meter. For children between the ages of 3 and 6 years, a height of one meter is perfectly fine. For older children it may well be higher.

Where should the nest swing be used?

As a rule, the nest swings with a frame are particularly suitable for outdoor use. If a nest swing is to be used in the house, it is important to pay attention to the appropriate ceiling height.

You should pay attention to these things when using a nest swing

Of course, safety is the top priority for all outdoor toys for babies and children, and the same goes for the nest swing. Despite all caution, falls can always happen. This is exactly why you should pay attention to the recommended heights when installing a nest swing. This mainly depends on the age of the children who are going to use the net swing.

In addition, the manufacturers themselves also provide precise age information for use in the form of a minimum age. This is usually between 3 and 6 years. The processing of the materials used should always be carefully considered. This applies above all to the individual parts such as the ropes, the nest itself and of course the hooks used.


Cleaning and maintaining a nest swing

Some models offer the option of washing the cover of the seat. It is recommended that you clean them every few months. Like all other outdoor toys, nest swings for outdoor use are usually very easy to care for. A damp cloth is often sufficient to clean the nest swing. A net swing is usually not suitable for leaving outside during the cold season. The material could quickly become porous or the fabric could tear. But a nest swing can also react sensitively to UV radiation with the color fading. For this reason, it can be very useful to cover the nest swing with a tarp.


A nest swing combines the fun of swinging with the opportunity to hang out with friends in the truest sense of the word or to relax lying down, like in a hammock, like hardly any other piece of play equipment. But nowadays there is more than the well-known nest swing made of woven rope.

For example, there is the Izzy nest swing, which has not a single gap, but a continuous plastic lying and swinging area. However, this cannot easily be used outside for a long time, as the fabric does not react well to strong sunlight.

A similar product is the slightly smaller Relaxdays nest swing. This offers a similar lying surface, but is more intended for smaller children or, due to the small diameter, for indoor use. A wild rocking is not possible with this specimen.

If you reach for the conventional product, in the form of the Trekassy spider web swing, you are better served. It made Of The Galvanized Steel Frame which can Hold Up To 700lbs. The two inch thick steel pole is carefully wrapped with durable rope making it one sturdy, strong & long-lasting swing. Trekassy rope web swing and hanging kit is specially designed to allow you to attach it safely and securely to a tree or playset so the children can have fun without you having to worry about their safety.
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