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Swing required space and other swing tips

Setting up a swing set in the garden takes a little planning. But once she's standing, a swing is one of the most popular toys in the garden. Also on playgrounds and in the kindergarten, the swing is always crowded around and highly coveted - it tingles in the stomach too much when you swing up into the sky. It is understandable that many parents would like to install a swing in the garden. In addition to the considerations regarding the model, the place of installation and the fastening method, the space required for the swing must also be taken into account. Because it is not limited to the space occupied by the swing frame itself. How to anchor the swing and many other swing tips - for example with a squeaky swing - we give you today in this BLOG ARTICLE.

Everything that belongs to the swing space requirement

When setting up a swing, the swing's own dimensions must first be taken into account.

With an average double swing frame, these are around the following values:

Height from 2 to 2.5 meters
Width from 2.5 to 3 meters and
Depth (lower spread of the A side supports) from 2.5 to 3 meters.


 You must at least take these dimensions of the swing frame into account when determining the space required in your garden. In addition, there are other factors that result from the later use of the swing.


Swing Space requirements: leave room for swings and jumps
Bushes, walls, fences, trees - in order to be able to swing without risk of collision, a sufficient distance to such surrounding obstacles must be maintained. There should also be enough space for occasional jumping off. Because when children get older, they will definitely come up with such ideas.

Every swing has a so-called deflection tolerance
In addition, especially with double swing scaffolding, the single swings must be hung far enough apart and at a sufficient distance from the scaffolding components. This gives the necessary tolerance for the deflections from the oscillating path that always occur when swinging.

Rule of thumb for the swing Required space: 2 meters + rope length
As far as the swing and jump area around the swing frame is concerned, a simple rule of thumb is recommended: add 2 meters to the rope length of the swing.

 Example: 2 m long swing ropes = swing and jump space of at least 4 meters.


This is how much space a nest swing needs to swing
Basically, you have to plan a lot more space for a nest swing. Here the rope length again plays the role for the decisive space requirement. While it will be difficult to achieve a 90° angle with a nest swing, children should not be underestimated either. A 90° angle means that the nest swing swings out to the length of the rope. With a rope length of 2 meters, for example, the nest swing is then also 2 meters away from the suspension point when it swings out fully.

 At the same time, it is then also at a height of approx. 2.40 or 2.50 meters, depending on how much ground clearance it has.

Anchor the swing - so that everything stands securely

A swing frame that remains firmly in place due to its own weight even when swinging intensively does not necessarily have to be anchored. However, very few frames are so heavy that nothing wobbles back and forth - so you should always anchor a swing well for the safety of your children. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

What anchoring options are there?
The most durable and safest variant of anchoring is concrete. You can either place the posts of the swing frame directly in the concrete or concrete the ground anchors to which you will later attach the posts. It is essential to ensure that the swing is placed on a level surface, as this also increases safety and stability.

Anchoring the children's swing without concrete
Anchoring without concrete is much less work than setting it in concrete. In the hardware store you will find so-called ground sockets, which are driven into the ground, or even ground anchors that can be screwed in.

In a very stony subsoil, however, you can only screw or hammer in ground anchors with difficulty. The same applies if there are many or particularly thick (tree) roots in the soil. The anchors may also not hold properly in loose soil.

Anchoring with concrete
If you choose to embed the swing or ground anchors in concrete, then pinpoint the exact location of the holes in the same way as if you were going for simple anchoring. Before doing this, first dig out the ground about 50 to 60 cm deep at the marked points.

 Then pour the concrete mixed according to the instructions into the holes. Then place the swing frame in the damp, dry concrete or the ground anchors. Only screw the swing frame to the ground anchors after the concrete has dried.


Anchoring the swing at a glance:
Anchoring: with ground sockets/ground anchors or concrete ✔
Choose your place carefully: sun or shade, preferably no incline ✔
Assemble the swing frame ✔
Mark the position of the drive-in sleeves or the holes for concrete ✔
possibly: dig a hole, pour in concrete ✔
Drive in or screw in sleeves ✔

 Als Faustregel kann man sagen: Je leichter das Schaukelgestell ist, desto leichter könnte es ins Kippen geraten und desto fester sollte es verankert werden.


Alternative to the conventional swing frame: the BERG PlayBase

The strong, robust frame features a patented tube connection. The BERG PlayBase frame is firmly anchored to the ground and forms a solid base for the wide range of accessories.

The beautiful minimalist design of the BERG PlayBase is characterized by the strict geometric design, the black powder-coated steel and natural wood and rope accents in the accessories.

The unique combinations of the BERG PlayBase are flexibly adaptable for every age and interest. In addition to the accessories, you can choose between a staircase or a horizontal bar for the sides of the frame.

Swing guide: if it squeaks when swinging
For a swing to work well, it needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, a swing may squeak. You have to act quickly here, because a swing that squeaks too loudly could annoy the neighbors, and you quickly get a headache yourself from the constant squeaking of the children's swing.

On the one hand, silent swing hooks are recommended. We recommend hanging all of our separate swing seats from a nylon hook, these hooks are more durable than the "pigtail" hooks commonly used. Because "pigtail hooks" are made of metal, eventually the hooks will wear out due to metal-on-metal friction.

If you prefer to lubricate the swing, you should go to the hardware store. There you will meet competent staff, who know more in most cases.

 As a rule, it is actually sufficient to apply a bit of lubricant (silicone spray) to the suspension - if the squeaking still hasn't stopped, then you should look very closely for the causes.


But maybe it makes sense to replace the swing completely. At least you can then be sure that the squeaking is completely switched off.

Fancy a new swing?
Then we at Trekassy are happy to be there for you and can answer your questions. Just give us a Email at support@trek-assy.com.

Delivery within USA is free of charge for you. Due to our high stock availability of many products, a quick delivery of your ordered item is usually possible. We are also happy to offer express delivery.

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