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2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Toddler Swing: Full Review

Children of all ages love to get on the swing and whiz towards the sky at great speed. It is a fun and fascinating game, the first approach to speed that children have the opportunity to experience, the first approach to adventure.

However, very young children certainly cannot climb on a classic swing. In fact, we can assure you that they are at risk of slipping and falling, and we can assure you that it could even lead to serious injury. What should I do? Fortunately, there are swing models on the market for toddlers, such as the Chicco 30300 Super Wing model. Let's discover all its most important features together.



2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Toddler Swing: how many months can it be used?

The 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Toddler Swing is suitable for children from 12 months of age. In reality, however, since it is a very safe swing, it is possible to start using it even a few months before the age of one, as long as the child is obviously able to keep his head raised without any kind of difficulty.

But up to what age can the Trekassy swing be used? This swing is suitable for children up to 3 years of age, as it can support a weight of about 23 kg.

Great outdoor swing

The standing bouncer can help babies strengthen leg muscles, learn how to balance and stand on their feet. And baby will have a better sleep after the bouncing fun.Jumper recommended age:6-18 months.Seat capacity:35lb.

In reality, this swing is compact enough to be used indoors, perhaps directly in the child's bedroom. perfect for homes without door frame. The stand frame is rust resistant,so you can move it to porch/garden when the weather is nice. 

The security

The 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and swing is really very safe as it has a comfortable seat that envelops the child, with a backrest of course, protective bumper bars that allow the child to avoid slipping and even straps.

The material

This 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and swing is made of high quality cotton fabric canvas which is really very light but at the same time also resistant. It is a swing that can be cleaned very easily even with only a damp cloth and that does not get damaged in direct and constant contact with atmospheric agents or with the UV rays of the sun.

The price of the 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Swing

The price of the Trekassy swing is around 139.99 $ in the price list. We must admit that this is not a very low price, a detail that, despite the high quality of the product, could make parents desist from buying. Parents wishing to save money can go in search of offers on the Trekassy swing that are periodically lit by baby shops, toy stores and even some supermarkets that also deal with products of this type. In our opinion, however, the absolute highest savings you will not be able to obtain by purchasing the Trekassy swing in stores, but online. In fact, online it is known that prices are competitive.

The best ecommerce on which to purchase the Trekassy swing at the best price is Trekassy official store. We recommend that you buy the Trekassy swing on Trekassy not only for an economic reason, but also for the excellent assistance service you can have, professional and always at your complete service. Furthermore, if in doubt, you can ask for information directly from the seller or from those who have already made the purchase in a very simple way.
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