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Trampoline, slide, swing - the best outdoor games for children

Want to keep your little pests busy in the garden? The trampoline, slide and swing are excellent outdoor activities, ideal for keeping kids busy and getting them away from screens. Overview of three games for children to be installed in the garden, to be chosen according to the space available.

Il trampoline: for leaps for joy!


The trampoline allows children to have fun experiencing strong emotions. Perfect for releasing your energy, taking on challenges or learning to socialize, the trampoline will soon be the star of your garden!

There are trampolines of all sizes (from 1.2 meters to more than 4 meters in diameter) and for all budgets. Remember that the trampoline must be strictly chosen according to the age of the children, since the bigger it is, the more you jump high. For maxi-jumps in complete safety, a trampoline protected by a net is preferable. The most popular net closure system is with a zipper, but the velcro closure also works just as well.

Are you looking for an extremely comfortable model to mitigate the fall? Some trampolines are equipped with cushions of various shapes to jump without getting bua.

Finally, remember that to install a trampoline in your garden, it is best to allow 2 meters of free space around the structure. In terms of height, we recommend a free space of 7 meters above the trampoline, thus avoiding placing it under a tree.

Safety instructions: allow one child at a time on the trampoline, to avoid the risk of unexpected collisions!

The slide: off to the sliding competitions


The shape and height of the slide are chosen according to the height and age of the child. For convenience, the games are designed for specific age groups.

The little ones can already enjoy the pleasure of gliding under the supervision of an adult on low slides. Generally made of plastic and very colorful, they do not exceed 120 centimeters and have a limited slope.

The slope of the slide is also chosen based on the age of the child, since the greater the length and slope of the ramp, the faster the descent. The descent area must absolutely be clear, to allow a smooth landing ...

The slide is available in different forms:

with a straight ramp;
with curves;
The specificities of the descent will affect the free space to be provided around the play area.

The slide can be purchased alone or in combination with a support or a playhouse for children, to increase all the possibilities of the play area. It is a question of both space and wallet.

NB: The presence of an anti-slip system on the steps or ladder, safety bars and edges along the ramp is mandatory.


The swing: ready to take off


The swing is the great classic of outdoor games for children. Improvised on the branch of a centenary tree or on a wooden or metal support, the swing has been able to conquer the hearts of young and old children.

The size of the swing is also chosen according to the age of the young users. Babies under 36 months must be placed in a chair with safety straps, to avoid the risk of falling during movement. There are three different sizes for swings on the market:

The baby swing with a mini support about one meter high
The swing for children (3-14 years)
The swing for adults
For the choice of equipment, it is necessary to take into account the child's morphology. Some swings offer a simple wooden seat, others thermo-molded or rubber seats.

The weight of the users remains an important point, because it affects the solidity of the elements and the prevention of accidents. Failure to follow the safety instructions can have serious consequences and void the supplier's warranty.

A swing alone or with other outdoor games? It all depends on the desire of the children and any activities made available. Depending on the number of children you can choose the different equipment for the support (face-to-face swing, single swing, trapeze, net, rope with knots, etc.). Obviously, the number of tools defines the length of the crossbar to which they are hooked and therefore the dimensions of the entire support.

The location of the swing, on a flat surface, must offer sufficient free space for the games to be used without risk of collisions.

Between the trampoline, the slide and the swing it is difficult to choose. All you have to do is do a survey with the children to create a small dream playground at home!


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