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Playground equipment for children: Encourage your children's development with fun and games

For us, there is nothing better than confirmation from our customers smiley. Therefore, we are always extremely happy when you send us your pictures. Just like our customer "Veryfamily". We find it particularly nice when we see children playing happily with our playground equipment. Whether it's swings, climbing walls or slides on the play tower, play equipment is fun and also promotes your children's development. 

Rocking promotes the sense of balance
Swing makes you smart! An exaggeration? Not if you believe the studies of recognized brain researchers. Rocking is a primal human experience and stimulates the so-called vestibular organ in the inner ear, which is responsible for balance. Thus, rocking actively promotes the sense of balance in adolescents and at the same time the motor and mental development of the child.

In fact, the first experience with the rocking state already begins during pregnancy in the mother's womb. This serves both to calm the child and to promote mental development in the womb. This experience is certainly an important reason why swinging is so much fun for us into (high) adulthood.

Another advantage of swinging: It relaxes the muscles and has a positive effect on muscle and movement sensors, while also training posture and spatial orientation.

Sliding boosts self-confidence and helps with spatial learning
The slide is another piece of children's play equipment that can make a positive contribution to your child's development. Climbing up and sliding down a slide has been shown to improve your child's physical strength, balance and coordination.

 Sliding is also important for development in other ways: by mastering the slide, e.g. a wave slide, your child learns how to successfully complete an activity and in this way builds self-confidence.
A slide also promotes spatial learning, e.g. when your child tests how other objects move in space when they slide down the slide.

Climbing promotes motor skills and movement
There is no longer any doubt that playing outdoors is enormously important for children. In addition to activities such as swings or slides, climbing is a form of play that is important for promoting your child. Climbing encourages your child's gross and fine motor skills in a playful way by training new movement sequences and strengthening coordination skills. Climbing is an activity that demands performance from the whole body in the form of strength (e.g. grip strength) and coordination.

The second positive effect of climbing: Climbing promotes self-control and courage and thus increases your child's self-confidence.

The garden pirate is certain: Our play equipment for the garden is the optimal combination of fun and games and (early) childhood support.

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