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Children's swings are ideal garden play equipment

Swinging is fun and healthy

The days are finally getting longer again, the garden is sprouting and the first ice cream in the sunshine tastes of strawberries and joie de vivre. Now playing outdoors can be enjoyed to the full again - after all, it's not only fun, it's also healthy for body and soul.

Children love the smooth movement of a swing and have a lot of fun on this playground equipment. The little ones playfully develop their sense of balance with this leisure activity, because the vestibular organ in the ear is stimulated by the swinging movement of the swing. By stretching and bending the arms and legs, the muscles are formed and the tendons and ligaments are trained. The swinging fun is an important training device for motor development and ensures relaxation.

Swings are suitable for all ages

Babies experience gentle rocking movements in the womb and enjoy the well-known feeling of gentle vibrations in their own baby swings. So that your baby can sit safely in its baby swing, the various models are equipped with safety belts or crossbars. Soft cotton cushions or ergonomically shaped swing seats make swinging fun easier for the little ones from 6 months. Small children enjoy the bright colors of the children's swing on their swing adventures, have fun on the wide nest swings or play with the robust wooden horse on their swing. If your son or daughter is a bit older, then swinging can get wilder. Swinging climbing ropes, swinging trapeze bars with gymnastics rings, disc and surf swings or tire swings turn the classic swinging movements into a full-body exercise. Your child has perfectly learned the correct push-off movement and how to retrieve a lunge with a board swing.

Children's swings are ideal garden play equipment

A swing frame has a strong attraction for every girl and boy. Here you train on the single swing and prove your courage by jumping off the highest point. Laugh and seesaw together with a friend on the double swing, while several friends take a seat in the wide nests of the round swing. Depending on the model, the garden swings are made of fabric, plastic or wood and are reinforced with aluminum or steel. The materials are robust and weather-resistant, so you don't have to constantly dismantle the individual swing parts. However, it is advisable to store the swing boards in a weatherproof place in winter. Depending on the model, the usage weight is between 50 and 150 kg. This allows swinging fun for adults too.

The simple assembly inspires

Depending on the space available and the preferences of your offspring, you can opt for a swing set consisting of frame and seat or just for the purchase of a swing device. Metal and wooden swings are available for the scaffolding. The scaffolding is set up on the terrace or in the garden. It is advisable to use the ground anchors or pegs included in the set to increase the stability of the scaffolding. The seats are attached to the frame with the enclosed carabiner. If you only decide on a swing device, then you can attach it to any tree, eaves or climbing frame with a rope. So that the height of the swing surface fits the length of the legs and your child can push off well with every swing, the rope length is variable and you can set it up according to your wishes.

Even more swinging fun with the additional parts

Supplementary parts offer many options so that your child can use their rocking device for even more play adventures. A colorful tent can be put over a round swing and creates a retreat for your child. An additional climbing rope or a climbing wall on the swing frame turns the little ones into summiteers. Of course, you can first mount a baby carrier swing on the frame and swap it for a classic board swing as your little one grows. A set of tree straps, carabiners and D-rings makes it easy to attach all types of swings to trees, frames or posts.

Allow your child to have fun on the swing. In addition to being active in the fresh air, the rocking movement promotes equilibrium and balance, strengthens the muscles and tendons in the arms and legs and ensures a restful, peaceful sleep. You can choose between different types of swings, materials and attachments.

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